Audio Transcoding Service

We offer services to transcode your audio streams from one format/bitrate to another.

Do you need to get your stream into another format? Or provide your current stream in a different format or bitrate?

We offer a hosted transcoding service that can take your current stream and make it available in whatever and as many formats as you wish.

Ideal for taking your current stream and providing newer 'mobile compatible' AAC+ streams without any additional bandwidth on your part.

You don't need any new infrastructure or make any changes to your playout, we'll do it all for you. Just tell us what your current stream is and which format you need and where to send it and we'll do the rest!

The price of this service depends greatly on the stream bitrates and how many streams you want to generate (as we pay for bandwidth). Just let us know what you need and we'll be happy to provide a price for you.

Contact us for more information and pricing.