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    Easyweb Communications provides custom audio streaming plans at affordable prices along with great customer support

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    Custom Streaming Solutions


Fast & Reliable

Easyweb Communications streaming servers are located on high performance servers in a datacentre with fast Internet connections.


Super Fast

With our modern servers and optimised bandwidth, your clients will get a great uninterrupted listening experience.


Customer Support

We have a dedicated team to answer your sales and support tickets and we're here to help you anytime, day or night.

More Features

You get loads of features with Easyweb Communications


Quick Setup

As soon as you make a successful payment via PayPal, your streaming servers will be activated immediately.


Centova Cast

Your streaming server is powered by Centova Cast, the industry standard in streaming solutions. Get all the stats, listen now icons, listener maps, all via your dedicated control panel.


Quick Support

We are genuinely driven by your satisfaction at all times. We pride ourselves on offering excellent service at a reasonable price.


24/7 Monitoring

All our servers and services are monitored by our staff 24/7/365, we monitor the services so you don't have to worry about your streaming service status.


Listener Statistics

Find out where your listeners are from and how long they listen for with the a full range of comprehensive statistics via your control panel.


Mobile Streaming

Target every listener and device by using the latest AAC+ compatible Shoutcast servers with great quality as low as 24kbps.


Listener Maps

Want to know where your listeners are from? See them all displayed on a world map which you can even display on your website.


Intro & Backup Files

Upload your own intro and backup files to present the listeners with welcome messages and audio clips when you're not online.


Twitter Auto Post

We offer exclusive add-ons such as Twitter Auto Post where we can post your song automatically to Twitter and include your message, the song playing, images and Buy this Song links.


Server Down Detection

Get notified by email or SMS if there is an issue with your streaming server and/or source connections Be the first to know there is an issue.


TuneIn Auto Post

We offer exclusive add-ons such as TuneIn Auto Post where we can post your song automatically to TuneIn so that your song appears on their directory in searches.


Listen Live Links

We'll provide you with Listen Live icons for your website along with a player that you can place on your site and you'll be ready to go with your new streaming server.